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VOGT Ernst

A Lexicon of Biblical Aramaic.
Translated into English by J.A. Fitzmyer.

2011, pp. 362.

J.A. Fitzmyer translated Vogt’s lexicon into English because so few people, even biblical scholars, read Latin today, or at least consider a lexicon of Biblical Aramaic written in Latin of little value . The value of Vogt’s lexicon is found in the examples of the use of a given word in extrabiblical texts, which he has supplied. In this translation he has added further examples from the many Aramaic texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls, published after Vogt had finished his work.

J.A. Fitzmyer is a Jesuit priest, now 90 years old, resident in the Jesuit community at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA. For many years he has been studying texts written in various forms of Aramaic. Hence his interest in Vogt’s excellent lexicon of Biblical Aramaic.