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ZERWICK Maximilian, S.J. – GROSVENOR Mary

A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament.

2010, pp. XL- 778-16.

Zerwick–Grosvenor has become, much to the surprise and gratification of its publishers, a minor classic in its genre. It is a brief verse-by-verse grammatical commentary on the Greek text of the entire New Testament.

Originally published in Latin in the 1950s under the title Analysis philologica Novi Testamenti graeci with Fr. Maximilian Zerwick as its sole author (Scripta Pontificii Instituti Biblici, 107; third edition, 1966), it was completely rewritten and translated into English by Zerwick and Miss Mary Grosvenor in the 1970s under the present title A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament (fifth, revised edition 2007 [published outside series]). (The word “edition” refers to relatively minor changes in the text over the years, changes mainly consisting in the correction of typographical errors.)

The Analysis is intended for use by beginning students of New Testament Greek who have attained a certain competency in the use of the language. Thousands of copies have been sold in all parts of the world. The present “edition” is the first in the series “Subsidia Biblica”. The text of the 2007 edition is reproduced unchanged. The insertion in “Subsidia Biblica” is intended to make the work more accessible and to enlarge the text to facilitate consultation.

Fr. Maximilian Zerwick, S.J., taught what is now known as the advanced course in New Testament Greek at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome from 1936 to 1975. He had degrees in theology from the University of Innsbruck and in philology from the University of Vienna.

Miss Mary Grosvenor taught at King’s College London (where she had taken a degree in theology) and, for a time, at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. She was an associate editor of A Patristic Greek Lexicon. Her background also included the editing of a Chinese dictionary.

Fr. John Welch, S.J., was the successor of Fr. Zerwick as professor of advanced Greek at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. He had a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania, and degrees in theology and philosophy from Saint Louis University.

Fr. James Swetnam, S.J., is professor emeritus at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. He taught introductory Greek at the Institute from 1963 to 2003. He has a doctorate in biblical studies from the University of Oxford.