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A Wealth of Revelation. The Four Evengelists’ Introductions to Their Gospels


Each Gospel writer has his own way of introducing the public life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Each Evangelist wants his reader to understand the public, contested life of Jesus in a certain, precise way; he does this by the statements or stories which anticipate the Gospel and direct the reader’s thoughts. The reader is expected to take these introductory ideas with him throughout the Gospel, to use these ideas as guides in how to interpret the public life of Jesus. Matthew and Luke will use the two chapters to lay out for the reader the guides to understanding the adult Jesus. John will begin in a poetic way, so that one understands the profundity of the meaning of the adult Jesus, particularly his title, Son of God. Mark uses just a half-sentence to give guidance in the way he should approach particular aspects of the titles Jesus is known by: Messiah and Son of God. The Introductions give clarity about Jesus which no one really gained during his public life; though Jesus’ words and deeds lead one to ask about his meaning, to guess about it, the Introductions make clear from the beginning who and what he is. This book studies these Introductions so as to bring out what each Evangelist wants his reader to accompany him throughout his reading about the adult life of Jesus.


 John J. KILGALLEN, S.J., from Chicago, Illinois and a member of the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, is professor emeritus at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, where he has taught since 1988. Earlier, he was associate professor in the Theology Department of Loyola University Chicago. He has a doctoral degree in Sacred Scripture (SSD) from the Biblical Institute, as well as a masters degree (MA Classics) from Loyola University Chicago. Fr. Kilgallen has written 10 books and over 80 articles, many of which are of a scientific nature. His specialization at the Institute has been exegesis of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, with both seminars and courses in this matter. Fr. Kilgallen has taught and lectured occasionally elsewhere in the world besides Rome and Chicago, often in a pastoral setting. He has also directed study tours in Israel, Greece, Turkey and Rome. His most recent work is the book published by the Biblical Institute Press, Twenty Parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.